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modern calligraphy workshop sydney australia

Mindfulness Workshop: Sat Feb 23


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In this Mindfulness Workshop, Kimlligaphy & Amity Created have come together to combine the art of Modern Calligraphy & the ritual of tea drinking, to show you how you can use both in your everyday life on a journey to become more mindful.

In our mindfulness workshop, you will learn the fundamentals that will get you started on your pointed pen calligraphy journey, along with a lesson along on the art of tea brewing and drinking.

Come and spend a few fun relaxing hours with us learning a new skill, while sipping beautiful tea, all the while learning how calligraphy and tea can help create peace and mindfulness in your life

Together, let’s enjoy a little escape from the hustle and bustle – see you there!


**Please note venues and set up may vary for each workshop so may not match video exactly


What you'll learn:

- Modern Calligraphy

- Calligraphy tools and how to prepare and use them

- Fundamental strokes of calligraphy

- Forming the alphabet

- Mindfulness Tea Brewing & Drinking

- What is Mindfulness and how it helps your hectic life?

- Tea Meditation

- Me Time & Self Care

- How Mindfulness helps us in this crazy fast paced life

- Combining Calligraphy & Tea to lead a more mindful life



What you'll get:

- Learning the art of Modern Calligraphy

- A lesson on Mindfulness Tea Brewing & Drinking

- Tea Meditation

- Calligraphy Workbook

- Rhodia A4 Dot Note Pad

- 2 Nibs

- Luis Creations Moblique 2 in 1 Pen Holder (oblique & straight pen holder with nib storage)

- Jar of Sumi Ink

- Tea Sampler & Cookie

- 3 hrs of Tea Service

- Sweet Nibblies