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01. BOOK LOVER gift set

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Hey BOOK LOVER... we know you love to read and it seems you never have enough time for yourself. 

We have your back, don't worry!


Let me introduce you to your blind date for the night.


Choose your fav genre and discover a hidden gem within your carefully wrapped story.

On top of your little kraft package, find a special postcard hinting at the story that hides within.

The books have all been pre-read because we are all about creative re-use here at Amity.

Don't worry, they all come highly recommended. We wouldn't set you up with a lemon. 



(Make sure you choose the teacup colour of your choice - images below)

Flick the kettle and use your delicious Tea Sampler from 90 Degrees tea in your very own Amity Teacup.

Ps. They are fine bone china (trust us when we say it makes all the difference).




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