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TOP 5 reasons why teacups make the perfect gift!

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Hands up if you become overwhelmed when buying people gifts 🙋 I know how it feels, I use to be in that situation.

All sorts of panicked thoughts would cross through my mind…

What do I buy? Will they like this?


But at one point I had to stop and ask myself, why the stress? Why on earth am I getting so invested in this? I mean, it’s just a gift... But the answer to those question's is clear.

I care. YOU care, we all care about this person receiving this gift AND on top of that, we genuinely want to show them that they are in our thoughts.

Whether it be a birthday, get well soon gesture or something for a more congratulatory purpose, it always feels the same. SO, what do we get someone to show this affection? EASY!

A teacup to suit their personality and some tea to match their situation. WHY?  I have 5 reasons for you and trust me, you are never going to look back.

5 reasons why a teacup is the perfect gift



  1. Together, the teacup and tea are a power couple, a strong symbol of hope. Gifting this pair says, ‘everything will be ok, trust us, just take 5 minutes and let your mind escape’.


  1. Tea is a hug in a teacup, it is the epitome of comfort, in absolutely any situation. When the warm liquid enters our system, our whole body exhales all the tension from the day.


  1. A cup of tea a day is official ‘me time’. To gift someone a beautiful teacup and some hand blended, loose leaf tea, it is like giving a gentle reminder that they deserve some time out.


  1. Everyone seems to keep all the beautiful and special pieces on display. Honestly, what is the fun is that? When you gift a fine bone china teacup, you really are encouraging them to treat themselves. If we don’t deserve to use the good stuff, then who does?


  1. Tea itself has an abundance of health benefits, everyone, no matter what their situation, needs to focus on their own wellbeing. To gift a teacup and some seriously beneficial tea is a sign that you care about them AND you have just made their daily approach to doing something good for themselves, that little bit easier.


So, there you go, the hard work is done for you. Find a beautiful teacup that suits their personality, or a mug if they are more of a mug person (choose Fine China ALWAYS, because tea genuinely tastes better in it). Then select loose leaf tea that suits their taste and situation.

They are going to love it and you can have peace of mind, knowing that you gave the gift that actually GIVES back to them.


Much love,

daniella libri elias

daniella libri elias holding a cup of tea




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