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Talking tea with the tribe featuring: Jaimie Georgalis

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You already know that every now and then I like to catch up with one of the beautiful souls in my tea community.

Today I was lucky enough to talk to a woman who shares my understanding of the chaotic lives of teachers and how tea is a calming treat to escape the daily hustle. 


Read more on our chat below...

"My favourite memory of a good cup of tea is the hundreds of teas we drank together, laughing our asses off on our great London adventure"

Tell us all a little about yourself…

I'm Jaimie Georgalis. An Aussie whose settled in London with my husband and kitty.

As a teacher I spend my time trying to educate the future; some days more successfully than others 😅.

When I get a break from that I love to travel and experience new places and cultures.


Why are you a tea lover and how does drinking tea make you feel?

My daily life is extremely chaotic and I constantly feel like a bullet train on a collision course! So a cup of tea is the perfect relaxant for me.

I've never understood those teachers who constantly have a mug in their hand; where do they find the time not just to make it but to enjoy it? For me, tea is almost strictly a weekend treat. I'm an early riser so on Saturday mornings I creep out of bed around 7 and spend the next two hours with the morning quiet and my own thoughts in my first moments of peace after a long week. Then I am nice and refreshed when my husband joins me and our social life begins!


How many cups a day do you drink and what is your go to blend?

I'll have a pot or two a day on the weekend. My daily preference is green herbal tea and white tea when I’m really looking to treat myself. Oh, just thinking about a cup of white tea makes me smile.


Which is your fav Amity teacup and why?

Now I’ve thought about this one at length. I think about it every time I go to select and Amity cup from the row, trying to give all the cups equal chance to be used as they deserve. But inevitably the photos don’t lie. You’ll always see pictured my favourite multi coloured cup which represents all the different shades of my personality. It also helps my OCD that it perfectly matches the teapot 😆.


Can you tell us anything about your experience when purchasing from Amity Created?

It is obvious how much you (Daniella) love your work. You are so enthusiastic, if not more so than the customer, very knowledgeable and helpful and give fantastic customer service. I also love the care with which items are wrapped, packaged and delivered.


What's your fav memory which includes a good cup of tea

It’s not one favourite memory that I have but rather a general feeling of nostalgia I get.

My best friend, Lara recently moved away. We have been friends forever and moved to London to start a new adventure together. I loved living with my childhood best friend and she was obsessed with tea. I’ve never seen anything like it! It doesn’t matter what time of day or what meal she was eating there was always a tea in her hand. English breakfast only. She hates herbal. My favourite memory of a good cup of tea is the hundreds of teas we drank together, laughing our asses off on our great London adventure.


We all live busy lifestyles, when you want to take time out for yourself, what do you do?

On week nights I am almost always too exhausted to function like a normal person and usually fall asleep on the couch around 9. That's why I cherish quiet sunny weekends when I can take a long walk or book myself some pampering time like a pedicure or massage to really relax.




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