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Q&A: Which is better, tea-bag or loose-leaf tea?

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Hi tea fam,

This question has come through from a few tea lovers who wanted to know the difference.

This is actually one of my favourite things to talk about at the moment so I am super excited to go through this with you all today.

Firstly, let’s clarify the difference between the teabags that you buy from the shops in comparison to gorgeous loose leaf.

In a previous Q&A I went through what tea actually is and a bit about where it comes from (I will link you all in the comments), so I won’t go back too much into that, but basically, tea itself comes from the camellia sinensis shrub, it normally flourishes in tropical climates and is grown all over the world. Just a little fun fact, so each region develops their own tea and because of this, each region comes with it’s own distinct flavour- which is quite cool.  

So the tea is harvested by hand, more specifically the process is called plucking and it’s during this time that only a few leaves are plucked from top of  the camellia bush.

It then goes through a different process depending on what type of tea it is. Generally, its dried, curled, rolled and fermented etc

loose leaf tea is high quality tea

Loose leaf tea is high quality, with a rich and pure taste. With loose leaf, you are guaranteed a good cup, as long as it has been brewed properly. The aromas are stronger, the essential oils and nutrients are still intact. It is just an all over better option to have for your daily dose of tea.

Here are a few examples of loose leaf tea, this one here is the Tea at Henry’s signature blend ‘Breakfast with Henry’. I absolutely adore it. As you can see, the leaves are quite obvious, they are just dried and rolled. This tea leaf here is completely extended, it was a jasmine pearl, I think a lot of you would refer to them as buddhas tears. It has already been steeping in hot water so it has had a chance to unfurl and release the inner goodness. Look how gorgeous the leaves are, completely intact.

Now this is a huge difference between what we are going to see now with teabag’s, my personal opinion is that teabags are for busy people that don’t mind substituting for low quality tea. You may disagree with this, but I don’t mind, that’s my own opinion. If you are a tea lover, you really should be opting for a loose leaf, every time.

So imagine this, at the end of production, the left over tea dust is collected and reused, or, the beautiful leaves that we just saw, are crushed to the point of being tiny little left over granuals of tea. This, is what you will find in a tea bag. So I will just show you quickly, so you can see. Lets just chop this open. I will use a few different varieties, I have just chopped off the brand labels, I am not for shaming, especially because everyone likes different things and I am all for that.

But you can see how different the look of the tea is from loose leaf to tea bag. This difference is also what leads to a huge compromise in taste, I hate to say it, but SO bitter and a less fragrant aroma. Along with this, it has lost all essential oils that are beneficial for you.

If you are tempted to tea bag, use pyramid tea bags that contain loose leaf inside! Thats a happy alternate! AND, now have them available on site! 

Both loose leaf and pyramid bags available here!

I hope this clarified a few things.

As always, any questions, thoughts or comments, just send them through to info@amitycreated.com. Or hit me up on any social platform.

If you know someone who needs this bit of knowledge in their life, share, share, share!


Speak soon!


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