Q&A: What's the difference between tea and tisane?

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It’s Daniella here and I'm so excited to be filming the first of many Q&A’s that will be popping up on my blog throughout the year.

This weeks question came up in a recent workshop I collaborated on with Kim from Kimlligraphy.

We were talking about tea preference and one of our lovely students mentioned Peppermint. From there, a whole discussion broke out on the difference between TEA and TISANE. 


 Firstly, all tea comes from the beautiful Camellia Sinensis shrub, sometimes known as the tea plant or tea bush. The Camellia is evergreen and comes in many varieties that help define our favorite types of tea.

camellia sinensis tea bush

For example, Green, black, white and oolong tea are all from the Camellia shrub and because of this, they can be considered to be real teas, the only difference among them, is how they are processed.

types of tea




On the other end, you will hear people say ‘Herbal tea’ often. This can get a little confusing because of course, the herbs used are not from the Camellia shrub. If it’s not from Camellia, it can’t be considered ‘tea’.

What we can call these delicious herbal drinks are tisanes.   

Herbal tisane is caffeine free, unlike real tea and can be prepared by steeping the leaves, stems, flowers, roots and the bark of a variety of herbs.

Ones that seem to be quite popular are peppermint, chamomile, lemongrass, rooibos etc. 

Herbal tisanes aren’t classified as ‘real tea’ because they don’t contain the leaves from the Camellia plant. However, they are still full of antioxidants and have many health benefits.

I hope this clarifies a few things and if you have a question that you want to submit to the Q&A,  send it through to info@amitycreated.com or just PM me on any social platform.

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daniella libri elias

daniella libri elias

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