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Q&A: What tea do I drink when I am sick?

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Hi there tea fam,

It is nearing the end of winter and if you are sitting in my part of the world, it is SO COLD outside. Honestly, I am all rugged up! 

Ok so apart from being the prime time to snuggle up with your fav blanket and your comfy socks (both of which, my Nonna knitted for me).  It is also a time where everyone tends to get a bit sick.

The common cold or flu seems to knock on everyone’s door and I'm here to respond to a question that popped up in my inbox recently,

The question from Mary was ‘ What type of hot drinks do I drink when I am starting to feel sick?’

Firstly, as I don't have a medical background, I strongly advise you seek professional help when you are feeling unwell. However, there are a few things that I can suggest your drink in order to aid the healing process. 

Tea heals

To begin with, it is SO important to keep your system super hydrated, so LOTS of water is an obvious must. However, drinking hot tea or a tisane will be your saving grace.

A. Let’s consider the soothing aromas that you inhale when the herbs are steeping, this is great for your sinuses, especially because they have been irritated.

B. The warmth of the liquid hug that you ingest also helps to soothe your dry and scratchy throat.

C. The nutritional goodness within the tea or tisane itself, will help your body to slowly recover. 

D. The tea or herbal tisane that you are drinking will also help keep your body extra hydrated on top of your water intake which is great.

SO back to the question, what to drink, here are just a few suggestions from a long list of possibilities.

  1. Ginger Tisane - Not my personal favourite, but undeniably beneficial. When you sit down and sip on a Ginger tisane, you are helping to combat any sort of queasiness or upset feelings in your stomach. You are also boosting your circulation, calming your sore throat and improving your recovery time. Ginger is a great all rounder for those that are feeling under the weather. It’s a good idea to keep some handy in the cupboard when the cold season hits.
  2. Peppermint Tisane-  Menthol is an active part of peppermint and this is actually so awesome for any type of congestion of any type. As it is herbal and there is no caffeine, it’s definitely a multiple cups of tea type drink.
  3. Chamomile-  I call this my cold comforter, it helps to destroy certain types of bacteria but also is very soothing. When you are sick, sleep is so important and a hot cup of chamomile is a great way to calm your muscles and relax your body so that you can sleep and heal.
  4. Lemongrass tisane- Is really great for a bit of detoxification in your body. The healing properties help with coughs and general cold and flu symptoms. There is also a good kick of vitamin A and C which is always a good thing when you are feeling unwell.
  5. Green Tea- When you are sick, inflammation of somesort is bound to be present somewhere. Green tea is wonderful for this, it’s antioxidants and nutrients which also help boost your mood at a time where you definitely won’t be feeling cheerful. It does contain caffeine however, so don’t over drink!

So they are my 5 recommendation, but I can’t leave without throwing this one in as well, Hibiscus Tisane- Hibiscus is so rich in antioxidants and is packed with Vitamin C. Give it a go!

I hope this helps, basically stay hydrated with water and extra hydrated with tea and herbal tisanes. Also avoid milky teas because that will just make your throat feel gross.

Ok that’s it from me. Keep your questions coming through! You know I love them.

Bye for now!


daniella elias

daniella elias



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