How one cup of tea led to escaping to Europe!

It was rainy and freezing and the Sydney weather (while perfect for a hot cup of Chai) really wasn’t that inviting. So of course the travel trolling began, from sailing pictures in Croatia to the dreamy picnics under the Eiffel tower … my inner wanderlust was in overdrive. It was time for a trip. Time to escape the hustle and take temporary leave from adult life. I needed to take my shining inner wanderlust and surround myself with new experiences, new people and above all, inspiration.

So I did...

First stop: Amsterdam

Why Amsterdam? Because the positive, eclectic buzz is intoxicating.

With each corner you turn, there is something to see, a bakery selling freshly made meringue, a bike parking zone that is so huge, it will blow your mind away, lush green parks alongside flowing rivers and emotion filled museums that are that worth going to, the lines are 2hrs long. (get the skip the queue tickets guys, I have definitely learn’t my lesson!).

Amsterdam bikesAmity created teacup in amsterdam


Second stop: Italy

We travelled 3600 km around the glorious Italy and I am beyond in love.

The aromatic coffee, mouth watering pasta, fresh gelato and amazing shopping alone, is worth the 21 hour plane ride from Sydney. On top of that, each step you take is like a picturesque walk through history. If I could relocate anywhere in the world, Italy would be the place.

Rome > Pisa > Montecatini > Cinque Terre > Genoa > Milan > Lake Maggiore > Verona > Venice > Ravenna> Assisi > Perugia > Pompeii > Sorento > Capri > Positano > Rome

romeamity created teacup, biscotti, tuscany


Third stop: Munich

Pretzels and schnitzel and castles oh my! My absolute favourite thing about Munich would have to be the main man, Prince Ludwig himself. From hideaway castles to secret grotto’s, this man had some serious style.

amity created teacup in germany

Fourth stop: Santorini

It’s like walking into a postcard. One week was spent on this magical island and every minute of it felt like a dream. With Santorini, the beauty of the view and surroundings is so hard to fathom, it honestly doesn't feel real. If you haven’t been before, do yourself a favour, book your ticket today. If you can’t, flick the kettle on, take a sip, close your eyes and and let your mind take you there.

amity created teacup, breakfast in santorinitea cup in santorini


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