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Surely I can’t be the only one who gets a kick out of doing a  good quiz?!

For me, it all started back when I was in high school…

I would open up my favorite magazines, scroll through the pages and only stop to do a personality test along the way.

Even now, I still end up on Buzzfeed trying to see if I am more like Monica or Chandler, or if my Hogwarts house is really Ravenclaw (it is by the way, I have checked multiple times).

The point is, we as humans are CURIOUS and we love finding out more about ourselves. What makes it even better is when that educational journey comes in the form of an easy, quick click, quiz.

So naturally, I decided that my love for quizzes had to be shared with my tea community (that’s you) and I set out to create the perfect quiz to work with Amity Created.

My goal was to develop something which would look at your mood and suggest the perfect tea for you at that moment

(If you want to take the quiz to find out, click here)

But, even though I had this amazing idea in my mind, I was super nervous about the complex tech side of it all and had no idea how to even create a quiz online. WELL, if only I knew that Interact would come in and make it beyond easy for me.

So easy, that it had to be shared (because I know a lot of you tea loving gals also have your own business’). Interact for me, is a one-stop space for creating a really fun and genuinely helpful quiz for my community.

So, if you want to learn what I did so that you can try it out for yourself, keep reading! This post does contain affiliate links.


Before you start anything with Interact, you REALLY need to have a goal in mind. Actually ask yourself what do you want to achieve, what value do you want to give to your audience and essentially, what action do you want your community to take post-quiz.

SO what did I do? I BRAINSTORMED.

Honestly, I found it quite hard at first because there are so many elements I focus on here at Amity Created, it’s never just about a good cuppa, it’s more about that relief and rejuvenation that comes from silently sipping on a good cup of tea.

I wanted my Amity community to reflect on themselves through these questions, reflect enough to remember the importance of taking time for themselves.

As a tea community, I am aware that the women within my niche don’t take enough time for themselves, the goal for me has always been and will always be encouraging self-care and reminding women that self-care is never selfish, it’s necessary.

Interact really enabled me to do this through a simple quiz, but below all of the questions and the answers, the quiz serves one purpose. To spark a memory or reminder of them sitting down to sip on a cuppa. To evoke the feelings that are attached to it.

Why? Because when we remember the feelings, we get reminded to stop and have that me time.

STEP TWO- To template or not to template, that is the question

You have brainstormed, you have your goal in mind and now you are ready to create your beautiful quiz with Interact.

So the first thing you do is head on over and create your own Interact account. From there you can start the quiz creation by using one of their fab templated or you can create your own from scratch (that’s exactly what I did).

Choosing the ‘From Scratch’ option might have been a little more time consuming, but as a Virgo, I needed completed control from start to finish, Using the template section though, makes it really easy for you to create a quiz, edit and adjust all in an afternoon - it’s a personal choice.

Whether template or from scratch, make sure to spend the time personalizing every aspect to match your brand. At the end of the day, you want this to appeal to your audience in all the right ways.

So with mine, I used brand specific colors, images and words that would spark curiosity.

STEP THREE- It’s all about the questions!

Next up you have to write your questions. Now, if you chose to use a template, you can change a few words around to work with your brand, or if you are writing from scratch, you can let your creativity flow.

The cool thing with Interact is you can choose to include questions with images as well as plain text. The options are really flexible!


This is my fav part because it’s where you get to write up the personalities and essentially, you get to give the most value to your community. The results section also gives you the opportunity to learn more about those who interact with your brand.

For me though, I thought it was important to make sure there was somewhere for my tea lovers to go post-quiz. They just went through the motions, found out what they needed, so I had to be in charge of showing them where to get the tea that they most needed, which is why my call to action is highlighted at the bottom ‘Shop YOUR tea here’.

STEP FIVE: Integrate

This is the part where you get to connect your email list. For me, that was with MailChimp. Also, on another note, if you are in Europe or have European clients/customers, you should enable the GDPR box. 

From here, you need to integrate the quiz onto your website, there are heaps of options for this:

For me, I integrated it onto my website using a direct link:

STEP SEVEN: Analytics

What’s really important is to TEST, TEST, TEST. Make sure everything is working the way you want it to work and if you get confused, there is a whole support team over at Interact that can help.  From here, you want to keep an eye on your analytics, a few days of promotion should give you an idea of how it is all going and if you are not happy, you can go back to make slight tweaks and edits.

So, now that you have the steps and the tools from Interact, go get quiz making!


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