5 ways to WOO your loved one on Valentines Day

For some unknown reason, there seems to be a ridiculous amount of pressure on people when it hits Valentine’s Day.

Social media, society and pretty much every store put's an extraordinary amount of importance on the ULTIMATE way to splurge for your loved one.

But let’s be real, it’s not about what is more Instagramable or what is bigger/better. It’s about showing love for the one that you absolutely adore.

(Oh and if you're chilling single, ignore this blog post and head over here, I have some fabulous things up my sleeve for you!)

It’s time to take it back to basics. I am going to tell you WHAT you should be doing to completely woo the one you admire.  

Just follow my lead...

valentines day ideas


  1. The Romantic Picnic   (If you want to woo your love)

Ok, I always have so much fun when it comes to setting up romantic picnics! Why? Because it’s actually such a simple process, ANYONE can do it and anyone can make it look absolutely beautiful!

All it takes is a picnic blanket of some kind, an array of nibbles from the local supermarket, good wine and a location with a view!

If you want to be a little bit more picture perfect, just get some battery operated twinkle lights or candles to surround the area with. OH and comfy cushions to lounge against. DONE!


  1. DIY Love Coupons  (To show them you always want them to feel a bit special)

Let’s be frank, no relationship is perfect and there are definitely going to be times that we annoy our significant other.

The Love Coupons are great because it really is the gift that keeps giving. The way it works is you fill in your coupons with a variety of options (like good for one massage, or offer to make dinner, date night in etc) and you hand them over to your partner.

At any point throughout the year, they can choose to whip out a coupon and redeem your offer.

It’s all about the commitment.



  1. The Classic Letter  (Because you are romantic and they are sentimental)

Hey there procrastinator, desperately searching this list for something that requires minimal time. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG with the classic love letter.

There are only two rules when writing one.

The first is that you must be honest. Profess your inner feelings and tell them all the wonderful things you think about them.

The second is to fill it will lots of memories and at least one hope for the future.



  1. THE night in! (This one is for the partners who are always on the go and a romantic night in is the perfect way for them to wind down)

You are surrounding one room with candles or fairy lights. You are ordering in, you are telling your partner to go have a shower, get in their comfies and when they come out, you already have a movie set up and ready to go.

  1. Flowers that will last a lifetime 

For the partner who wants flowers, give them a floral teacup from Amity and repeat these words, “I had a bunch of flowers on hold at the florist, BUT, I decided that you deserve flowers that will last a lifetime and that you will get to enjoy every day”.

Um yes, I won myself over with that line.


And yes, it is as easy as that – I promise. All you have to do is think of the option that will best suit your significant other and voila.

Let me know how you go!

Share pictures and #VDaytheAmityWay so that we can share in the experience.

Lots of love,

Daniella xx

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