Darling, let's go on an adventure...

Let’s pour tea, hold tea, breathe tea in. Let’s sip. Dream. Wander. Get lost.
Let’s eat croissants in Paris, walk the streets of Venice and visit museums in Rome.
Let’s fly over the rainbow, under the stars.
Let’s come back to earth and conquer the world.
Let’s drink tea, for tea is the only way we can go anywhere we want,
without going anywhere at all.

Close your eyes, take a sip and meet me in Paris...

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high tea, hire me

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Go on, picture it...

Your hands wrap around the warm teacup, the soothing scent swirls around you.

You take a sip. Soon, your mind is wandering.

You’re drifting off into a faraway land – sleep-ins on a rainy morning, a book that’s getting to the really good bit, twinkling late nights in a new city...

You’re indulging in something beautiful, just for five minutes.

Feels nice, doesn’t it?

I believe in magic. It’s called a warm cup of tea.

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Tea is the only way you can travel the world, without even leaving your pyjamas...

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